Frequently asked Questions

GRAPHIC DESIGN - I want a logo designed. What happens now?

We specialise in logo design and development. So you've come to the right place!

First, we ask you a lots of questions. We obviously need to know the name but also questions about your target market, position in the market place, any unique selling points and overall application of the logo etc. Once we have a very good understanding of you and your business we start our logo design process. We research your competitors and the industry we are designing for and from there create a concept sheet of potential logos. Our comprehensive and proven logo design process is very successful.

Give us a call. We would love to discuss your logo design needs.

GRAPHIC DESIGN - What happens if I don't like the artwork?

Alison has been listening and receiving design briefs for 22 years. This never happens!

But if this did happen - then it's a communication issue. We sit back down and discuss the brief again. If we misunderstood and got it wrong then we re-design the artwork at no extra charge. We know how important it is to get the design right.

GRAPHIC DESIGN - Why do colours look different on my phone?

When you view artwork on your computer, laptop or smart phone, the display is powered by a graphics card and software and the output can vary greatly. We always recommend a colour proof be viewed before signing off.

GRAPHIC DESIGN - What file formats can you open?

We can open most file formats. Even publisher and CAD files. If in doubt give us a call to discuss.

GRAPHIC DESIGN - Can you create barcodes

Yes we can.

GRAPHIC DESIGN - Why is my image blurry?

Image resolution is very important. If you want to print an image it needs to be at least 300dpi at 1:1. All images online or on screen need to be 72dpi.

If you're not sure you can always look at the file size. 300dpi images need to be at least 1-2Mb plus (depending on final print size) and 72dpi images are usually about 200 to 300kb.

PACKAGING - Can you organise mockups for my new product packaging?

Yes, if you want to see and hold a mockup or prototype, for peace of mind before production, we can organise this too.

PRINTING - Can you organise printing too?

Yes, we have a large network of printers. So whether you only want 5 printed or 5000 we can source the right printer for the job.

Large format or speciality printing including foiling and embossing - call us first.

WEBSITE DESIGN - What is a responsive website?

Responsive Web Design, as the name implies, automatically detects what device is being used and responds by re-flowing the navigation and content to fit the screen.

80% of people are using their smart phones to search the internet. Responsive websites are perfect for smart phones, tablets and computers screens.

WEBSITE DESIGN - Can I edit my site myself?

Yes you can. All our websites are built with our award winning Content Management System. It's really easy to use. Our clients love it. We email you the login details, give you a free half hour training session and even send you a short easy to follow, instruction manual.

WEBSITE DESIGN - Can I track my website traffic?

Yes, all our websites come with website statistics and we can also add google analytics too.

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