Logo Design, Branding and Corporate Identity

Logo Design, Branding and Corporate Identity

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What is a brand?
It is a word to describe the emotional relationship between customer and a business. Your brand should evoke an emotion of trust and reliability.

What is a corporate identity?
It is a combination of logo, colour scheme, stationery, marketing material, uniforms and signage that conveys a visual statement about your business or organisation.

Although often, the two terms—brand and corporate identity—are used interchangeably.

Why is corporate identity important?
Your corporate identity visually represents your business and it should instantly impress, set up customer expectations and translate across all media. Within seconds, your potential customers will evaluate you, your business and what you are offering, on your business image. Sending the right message will increase sales, customer loyalty and business growth.

Getting your corporate identity right is crucial to gaining the best chance of winning new business.

Logo Design Process
Our four step logo design process has been successful for over 20 years.

Step 1 - We quiz you on your business/product including target market and unique selling points.

Step 2 - We research your industry and your competitors, design initial logo ideas and submit a concept sheet to you

Step 3 - You provide feedback and after (usually 2 or 3 rounds of changes) we re-submit for final approval

Step 4 - Your new 'logo pack' is supplied to you in various file formats complete with colour brand guidelines

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